So, I did it. I finally broke through that final barrier, that last obstacle to truly being a young urban professional. It may surprise some that this is the first time I’ve done this, actually. But, truth be told, it’s never really been my thing – until the right oppurtunity came around, of course.

I bought an item of women’s clothing.

Just one piece! And it’s a sweater, so that’s not too bad. I’m not like Kyle, where women’s shirts actually fit me better than mens shirts. Actually, it fits me pretty much the same way the sweater I bought in Italy does – which tells me at least two things.

(1) Sweaters CAN be long enough in the arms and still hit right above my belt and

(2) apparently medium Italian men are the same size and shape as large American women.

In any case, I happened to be with some friends at Poor Little Rich Girl in Davis Square (also check out the Yelp entry). As per usual, I get to be jealous while they try stuff on and try to offer helpful advice…and next thing you know, grey sweater with blue anchors! For only 16$!

Poor Little Rich Girl is really great to browse in, but I think it’s actually not a great place to impulse buy. If you (you being a female person, for the most part – though there are some great suit jackets and vintage t-shirts) have a decade-specific look in mind, I would recommend it heartily. Also, some great shoes, though again it’s a crapshoot for size and affordability.

Whenever I can walk into a room with a new piece of outerwear and have multiple people compliment me on it, I chalk that up as a victory. So, in conclusion, my girl sweater is made of win.

Go me!