Like all of my generation, I think that pirates are awesome. For example:

So, obviously, the Pirate Name Generator is necessary. Some options for me:

  • Tuan Chappy Keenan
  • Tuan Jello Jiminez
  • Raja Lawrence Easter. I’ll go with this one. Obviously, I used to be with the Dutch East India Company before falling in love with an Indian girl, abandoning my family back in England and taking to the seas for adventure and profit.

And my ship:

  • Lady Loisa Killer Of The North. Loisa was my mother.

Any random generation thingy make my think of Abulafia. It’s a Wiki that’s set up to generate random lists, and it’s user-extensible. So, anyone can (a) make a list and (b) generate random entries from the lists. It’s originally a tabletop gaming resource thing, but hey look….more pirate names! Looks like I have my crew: Hard Tack Jack, Fourteenth Mate Alberts of The Whirlpool, Kenneth The Rusty Epee (you don’t want to know why it’s rusty, trust me), The Dread Pirate Pete, Jack “Stormy” Sparrow, Lieutenant Ishmael “Whalebone” DiCaprio The Storm Chaser, Long Abílio Brass, Bawdy Elisabeth, and Four-Eyes Kitty.

Y’ar indeed, mateys.