So I spend a good deal of time on the internets following links to cool stuff. In longstanding blog tradition, I think the occasional roundup is in order.

  • Poster of the hierarchy of beards. This applies to way too many people in my life. Via Boingboing.
  • An amazing dark art video at SHOWstudio: Insensate. It’s apparently inspired by Predator and Wizard of Oz.
  • Marguerite Savage does some amazing illustration. Her blog is in French, so I’m not too clear on what her overall deal is, but boy is it pretty to look at. There’s also a shop, and if you’re in Europe the prices aren’t even that bad!
  • Arte International offers a staggering array of beautiful wall coverings. I’m sure I can’t afford them, but the site is worth browsing. Via If It’s Hip It’s Here.
  • Bad Astronomy is a here-to-fore unknown to me blog about science and stuff like that. I’m adding to my reader! Science is neat.
  • Victory City, the city of the Future! Boy howdy. I wish there was a rocket ship in the concept art somewhere, but alas.
  • No Pudge Fat-Free Brownies! Just add yogurt! As a brownie-lover, I’m skeptical yet intensely curious.
  • Brilliant homage to coffee in coffeestain cartoons & captions at The New York Times Online. Via Rob Donoghue.
  • Auditorium is a beatiful and astonishingly good abstract strategy game. You should give it a look-see, I promise you you won’t regret it. And remember to turn up your sound. Via Daniel Solis.

Also, here’s to the first snowfall of the season here in Boston!