For your pre-holiday pleasure.

Amazing visual design for the presentation of Majo Fruithof’s 2009 collection. I’m not huge into all of the jewelry, but the chic kabuki two-tone thing going on with the models is amazing. Check out still pics on this page. Via Wickedhalo.

So we all love the internet, but it’s easy to forget how most of web traffic passes through only a couple of chokepoints in the global fiberoptic infrastructure. I was reminded of this most recently by the fact that the Middle East lost 75% of it’s traffic capacity on Friday. It’s not like it’s first time – a tunnel fire in 2001 had wide-ranging effects as well. Anyway, let that be some perspective for you.

In less serious news, If It’s Hip It’s Here has a great post that roundups the amazing poster designs that were created in the run-up to Mr. Obama’s election as our next President. I think this is my favorite:


Poster by Chaz Maviyane. Oh, also, if you’re interested in both graphic design and presidential marketing (and who isn’t?) you should absolutely check out this post on Logo Design Love about the development of the Obama 08 campaign logo.

In Argentina, there’s a suburb designed to look like Evita’s face. How wierd but strangely neat is that? (via Strange Maps).

My friend Jared Axelrod has a list of the top “outsider” Xmas movies. I’m gonna have to check that shit out. Thanks Jared!

Seven images that are too badass to be real, but they are. Real, that is. (Via Dev)

Artificial intelligence is here, and it hates its parents. iTunes is emo! Who knew?

For that post-christmas gift for the green dude in your life: Coto. Non-traditional ties and cufflinks made in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner.

And last, but not least, the periodic table of awesomeness. It’s even funnier if you know something about chemistry (which I don’t). Check the link for the full size image. Originally from The Dapperstache, as far as I can tell.