Nathan and I are back in the Land of Enchantment celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ/the winter solstice/consumerism/snowmen(!), and of course doing so in as culturally unique a way as possible.

Exhibit 1:

Luminarias (for the Burquenos)/Faralitos (for the Santa Feans)

Luminarias (for the Burquenos)/Faralitos (for the Santa Feans)

Cuz nothing says Christmas quite like pouring sand into brown paper lunch sacks and nesting a tea candle in it.

Note: picture taken on Canyon Road in Santa Fe (though not by anyone I know [at least I don’t think so]), a road with a great many art galleries and other culturally significant shenanigans where our family goes and walks around every Christmas eve. It’s usually really, really cold– but man, are those Luminarias que fabulouso!

In any case, wishing you and yours a marvelous holiday season!

P.S.: A quick word from Sufjan,

(Seriously, give your poor grandmother a call, she’d love to hear from you. After all, it’s Christmas!)