So I have a resolution. Which I made over New Years. It was not, however, conciously framed in my mind as a New Years Resolution.

I love film, but I never watch movies, for various (mostly lame) reasons. Mainly, I always prioritize other things over watching a movie, because “I can always watch that later”…and then I never do. So, in 2009, my goal is to watch 52 movies in 52 weeks.

The rules:

  • One movie a week. If I miss a week, I’m allowed to double up the next week, but if a month goes by in which I haven’t watched 4 films, I have failed.
  • All feature-length films count, even if I’ve seen them before!
  • Only feature-length films count, no shorts or TV or anything. Unless there’s some kind of festival or something. I’ll be the judge of any edge cases that come up.
  • I have to watch it in one sitting. Usually not a problem, but we just got a DVD player in the break room at work, and we’ve been watching Super Troopers in 30-minute installments. Hilarious film, but doesn’t count.

Also, I plan to keep a vague ranking of the films, both to track what I’m watching and to provide content for the blog (about time I did that, huh)! There’s three categories: New Releases, New To Me, and Old Favorites. Pretty self-explanatory, yes? New Releases just means that I see it in the first run in theatres.

Rankings are based on my whim. Higher is better.

So, here’s the current rankings, as 1/16/09:

New Releases

  1. Milk (Week 1)
  2. Gran Torino (Week 2)

New To Me!

  1. Hellboy (Week 3)

Old Favorites – none yet

Wish me luck!