So, I am instituting a new tradition here at 21dB: Ten Things. Every week, I will compile a list (in no particular order) of ten things. Those ten things will all revolve around a common theme, that will change based on… well, whatever I feel like. This week: ten electronic songs on my “Recently Added” playlist.


1. Pop Song – Starfucker

2. You Hear Colors – CFCF

3. So Bored (Wavves Cover) – Anamanaguchi

4. Let’s Get Ravey (Skream’s Remix) – Odawas

5. Please Don’t Touch (The Golden Filter Dub Mix) – Polly Scattergood

6. Dude You Feel Electrical – Shout Out Out Out Out

7. 6669 (I Don’t Know if You Know) – Neon Indian

8. Weak 4 Me – Nite Jewel

9. Blissout – Lemonade

10. Mr. No (Phaseone Remix) – Banjo or Freakout