1. “Antiquarians say we are, — and — and we have an old seal, and a very old silver spoon, round in the bowl, like a little laddle, with a rambling lion on the handle, and a castle over him.”

2. Moreover, her affection iself was less fire then radience, and, with regard to the other sex, when he ceased to belive he ceased to follow: contrasting in this with many impressionable natures, who remain senuously infatuated with what they intellectually despise.

3. Left to his own reflections, Abraham soon grew drowsy.

4. They followed the road with a knowledge that they were soaring along in a supporting medium, possessed of original and profound thoughts, themselves and surrounding nature forming an organism of which all the parts harmoniously and jotusly interpenetrated each other.

5. The wheat-rick shrank lower, and the straw-rick grew higher, and the corn-stacks were carted away.

6. “…But you can raise up dreams with your music, and drive all such horrid fancies away!”

7. The struggles and wrangles of the lads for her hand in a jig were an excitement to her no more; and when they became fierce she rebuked them.

8. There are counterpoises and compensations in life; and the event which had made of her a social warning had also for the moment made her the most interesting personage in the village to many.

9. “O-O-O!”

10. Izz spoke with a magnanimous abandonment of herself to the situation; she could not be — no women with a hear bigger than a hazel-nut could be — antagonistic to Tess in her presence, the influence which she exercised over those of ehr own sex being of a warmth and strength quite unusual, curiously overpowering the less worthy feminine feelings of spite and rivalry.