May 2009

I’m just gonna go ahead and throw this out there: President Obama is a fucking genius.

Exhibit 1:


In Sonia Sotomayor, Obama has found a jurist who is not only astonishingly bright and incisive, and who’s inspiring life story represents a swath of America who has never before been represented on the Supreme Court, but also quite possibly the most dastardly clever political move of his presidency thus far (and that includes the hat trick that turned Senator Spector into a Democrat).

Yes, Sotomayor is imperfect. She isn’t a white washed legal scholor like John Roberts, with an easy smile and sly wit. And indeed, she did make that little comment that “the court of appeals is where policy is made” — which she was right about, by the way. The role of the court in the government is to insure that the laws are adhered to and executed faithfully, but it doens’t take a rocket scientist to notice that every geologic shift in this country for the past 70 or so years (with the noticeable exception of the Civil Rights Act) has originated in the courts. But I digress.

The point is, that all of that won’t matter a whit during the confirmation hearings to come. In case you forgot, Sotomayor is Hispanic. Keep in mind that in 2004 Bush managed to win 44% of the Hispanic vote, but in 2008 Obama garnered 67% of it. The Republican party knows that if they let the Dempcrats take away the fastest growing (and largest minority) voting bloc in the country, they’ll be out of power for decades. And what better way to make that happen than to block the very first (discounting the Portuguese-Jewish Justice Cardozo, who some for some reason cite)?

Baring some unfortunate revelation, this will be a slam dunk confirmation for the Obama administration. And hey, she may just end up being a pretty swell jurist too.

Fucking brillant.

A Simple Pledge Poster from Lure Design

A Simple Pledge Poster from Lure Design


Attention typography nerds and flash game aficiandos! Addictive, and frustrating, game at Veer: KERN IN SPACE. Don’t let anyone tell you kerning is easy. (via ilovetypography)

The Boston Public Library has posted an amazing collection of vintage travel posters to flickr. You can see a couple of my faves below. Radical. (via Design Observer)

Vintage Travel Poster

Vintage Travel Poster

Huge Train!

Huge Train!

A bizarre and engrossing animated stream-of-conciousness series of pencil drawings, ake The Drawing Archive. It’s about 5 minutes before it looks back to the beginning, and they are well worth it – some genuinely profound and pointed images, to my mind at least. (via Kempt)

Legos rule. In addition to Mechaton, you will probably be interested in the new LEGO Architecture series, wherein iconic and majestic buildings are given their own collectors-style treatment in the little bricks. Check it out at If It’s Hip, It’s Here (way more in-depth then my breif dispatch can entail).

Speaking of If It’s Hip, It’s Here, they also tipped me off to Winkler + Noah Photography, particularly The Puppet Show. Intriguing and disturbing portraits of children, given some treatment to turn them into dolls. I leave it up to the reader as to how they feel about the images themselves, but it’s certainly some cutting commentary on how children tend to be viewed in contemporary society. Sample:

One of many child/puppet portraits.

One of many child/puppet portraits.

Whew. Well, final dispatch is on a lighter note: the remix artist behind the Peaches/Muppets mashup I’ve previously posted has done a similar thing for academy-award winners Three Six Mafia/Alice in Wonderland. (via Boing Boing)



1. Star Trek: The Future Begins (“Star Trek”, Malaysian Release)

2. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (“Terminator Salvation”, Working Title)

3. Batman: Intimidation (“Batman Begins”, Original Script Title)

4. Spider-Man: No More (“Spider-man 2, Working Title)

5. Not Another Scary Epic Teen Date Movie (“Meet the Spartans”, Working Title)

6. Scream Again (“Scream 2”, Working Title)

7. Scream Louder (“Scream 2”, Working Title)

8. Scream 3: Ghostface Killer (“Scream 3”, Working Title)

9. The Adventures of Luke Starkiller as Taken from the “Journal of the Whills”: Saga I – Star Wars (“Star Wars”, Working Title)

10. Transformers the Movie: Apocalypse! Matrix Forever (“The Transformers: The Movie” [1986], Japanese Working Title)

Welcome to the inaugural New Music Tuesday here on 21db! NMT is usually about reviewing new music releases, but that’s not what I’m particularly interested in. I consume a lot of music, and I intend to talk about what’s new to me. Any music that I have procured since the last NMT is up for consideration. Old, new, indie, underground, mainstream, local, free, it’s all good. And, really, I hope to introduce y’all to rad new tunes!

Without further ado, the first 21dB New Music Tuesday: Waxploitation‘s Causes 2 benefit album and St. Vincent‘s Marry Me.

Causes 2

Causes 2

I only know about Causes 2 because I love The Decemberists. Being an unabashed fanboy, I added myself to their mailing list not too long ago. In addition to the sweetness of ordering The Hazards of Love early, I enjoy the pleasant ramblings that enter my internet-box once a month or so. The most recent missive included a promo for Causes 2, as it contains a live rendition of After The Bomb. I checked out the set list, and decided that it was totally worth my 8.95 to check it out (LCD Soundsystem, Matthew Dear and RJD2 all help). And, oh yah, the money goes toward Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch and Oxfam to aid in humanitarian efforts in Darfur. What’s not to like?

After giving it a couple of listens, it’s totally worth the money, but it’s not the greatest album I’ve ever heard. It’s about 1/3 totally rad, 1/3 good-but-unmemorable, and 1/3 really? like, for real? For the most electronica-influenced remixes and exclusive tracks, with some more world beat and indie-rockish stuff to spice it up.

My picks/new bands to check out: in addition to the aforementioned Decemberists (After the Bomb), Matthew Dear (When She Don’t Need Me) and RJD2 (Wherever), I will keeping an eye out for Black Moth Super Rainbow (Happy Melted City reminds me of the Samurai Champloo opening music) and Neon Neon (how can any dance track called I Lust U not rule?). I also like the My Morning Jacket Highly Suspicious Remix.

I recommend it if you’re into weird electronica-ish stuff AND/OR you want to feel good about yourself for making a largely symbolic effort to help Darfur. I will probably end up putting about half the album on my regular rotation, methinks.

St. Vincent - Marry Me

St. Vincent - Marry Me

Kyle: Can I borrow your car?

Me: Sure.

Kyle: Cool. I feel like I should give you a present to signify my gratitude.

Me: Yes, you should.

Next thing I know, there’s St. Vincent on my passenger seat. Well, not Annie Clark herself (St. Vincents street name), but a copy of Marry Me, which I believe is her debut album. The best way I can describe her sound is like a weird mashup of Jesca Hoop and My Brightest Diamond, but with not as polished of production. Don’t get me wrong, I really like her voice, and the album is very solid; I’m just a huge audio production nerd, and the recording quality of the CD I have is just not very high. That aside, I’ve given it a full listen-through about four times in less than two weeks, which is a good sign.

This album encompasses a wide variety of variations on a theme. That theme is, of course, “I got some pipes and really good music-writing abilities, don’t fuck with me”. My favorite track by far is Your Lips Are Red. Which sounds nothing like the rest of the album, but it gets me. Check it out:

Just a quick little update (on a personal note):

I am back in Albuquerque, New Mexico for the summer, and shall be here until early September (not counting the very strong possibility of road-trip style adventures to Austin, Wyoming, Oregon, and more!)

In demonstration:

Not Pictured: Me

Not Pictured: Me

So, expect more Burque centric news from me for a few months, though if anything particularly interesting is happening in Boston (and that I am sad about missing out on), check this space.

Also: stay tuned for more contributer related location news in the near future!


Oh my god Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus oh my god Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus oh my god.

This has been a public service announcement.

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