June 2009

In honor of the anniversry of Mr. Nathan D. Paoletta’s nascence, I am proud to present a special all picture edition of Ten Things, featuring (what else) Robots.


1. Typewriter Robot


2. Handless Steam Robot


3. Sumo Robot


(Also known as Fat-Ninja-Bot)

4. Gargantuan Robot


5. Robo-Shark (Unstoppable? Luckily, no reckoreded live sightings. …yet…)


6. Deceivingly-Cute-Yet-Deadly-Bot


(The heart is a dirty bomb)

7. Hot-Bot (Aka the Metropolis Special)


8. Robot Squirrel

pirate-squirrel(I’m sorry, but if it has a hat and a sword, it’s a Robot. At the very least an android. Squirreldroid? FEAR HIM)

9. Downfall-of-the-Human-Race-Bot


10. Too-Cute-Bot



I have seen many movies. I think all I can do is one-sentance summaries to catch us all up.

Week 16: Conan the Barbarian. It’s nice how the lack of dialogue makes it easy to make bad jokes with your friends during the REALLY INTENSE MOMENTS.

Week 17: Traffic. Powerful film with just a fantastic cast…enough to ignore the overuse of mood/location setting color filters.

Week 18: Slaughter of the Vampires. Bad Italian horror film with warmed-over Dracula plot comes through with surprisingly beautiful dialogue…it’s better than The Hunger, at least!

Week 19: Star Trek. Geeked out over deft handling of an easily-effed-up property, good action, but my inner feminist is disappointed with the (non)handling of gender roles.

Week 20: Dracula (1979 version). Frank Langella is the best Dracula, bar none – my favorite movie version, though it still suffers from not really being a great movie compared to, like, actually good movies.

Week 21: Terminator Salvation. There sure are a lot of explosions in this movie!

Week 22: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. Kubrick is one of my favorite directors, and he doesn’t dissapoint – masterful handling of the audience/protagonist relationship underlies the so-thick-it-chokes irony/commentary that’s still fairly relevant.

Week 23: Let The Right One In. A swedish vampire drama/horror/romance; not only is it the best vampire movie I’ve ever seen, bar none, it’s one of the most beautiful pieces of film I’ve had to pleasure to be an audience for. Simply wonderful.

…which puts me perfectly on top of things, as of 6/7/09! I am 23 for 23!

New Releases

  1. Milk (Week 1)
  2. Watchmen (Week 11)
  3. Gran Torino (Week 2)
  4. Star Trek (Week 19)
  5. Push (Week 10)
  6. Terminator Salvation (Week 21)

New To Me!

  1. Rear Window (Week 12)
  2. Let The Right One In (Week 23)
  3. Traffic (Week 17)
  4. Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. (Week 22)
  5. The Exorcist (Directors Cut) (Week 7)
  6. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Week 8 )
  7. Hellboy (Week 3)
  8. Serenity (Week 5)
  9. Conan the Barbarian (Week 16)
  10. Formula 51 (Week 6)
  11. Slaughter of the Vampires (Week 18)
  12. The Hunger (Week 13)

Old Favorites

  1. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Week 9)*
  2. The Great Escape (Week 15)*
  3. Hook (Week 4)
  4. Dracula (1979 version) (Week 20)
  5. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Week 14)

*finally chose….sorry Steve, but Clint is just that tiniest bit sexier. What can I say?

To those few (hello!) followers of the blog, it has been apparent that my posting has been dropping off of late. Between an extremely busy period of time at work, an array of personal committments, and an imminent vacation to London and environs following shortly by a for-now permanent move to Chicago, 21dB has unfortunately been the least of my worries. I do intend to get back in the saddle soon after the move; however, I hope you will forgive a short, but at least official, hiatus from me*. I’m sure that Kyle will continue to fight the good fight in the interim. Also, once I’m back, I will be broadcasting LIVE from fabulous Chicago, bringing another wonderful city into the 21dB sphere of awesomocity.

*save one 52 in 52 update, which will be posted shortly.

Please let this robot represent my displeasure at this interruption:

See you soon!

Now, to be quite honest, I have liked Made in Bangladesh (MiB) for quite a while. It is worth noting that two of the members of this band are people I have known since I was about 6, and thus I have seen them play live more times then probably any other group of people on earth — these guys are rocks of the Albuquerque scene. That being said, as far as political ska-core/experimental punk goes, there aren’t a lot of bands I enjoy more.

Sir Sean "The Duke" P. Ward of MiB

Sir Sean "The Duke" P. Ward of MiB

The reason why I’m taking this particular moment to shill these guys is that a week or so ago, they released (finally) there first LP– and it just so happens to be pretty damn fabulous. It’s always a gamble to listen to the recording of a band you’re so familiar with live, and sometimes fairly disappointing, but “Earth is an Airplane” definitely delivers.

MiB doesn’t slip into the easy traps of bands of it’s type, resigning themselves to endless brassy break downs interspersed with power chords and screeching (though, of course, there is enough of that to go around). No, they are willing to do things just a little bit differently, like when they throw a little waltz into “VGB”, or the funky, synthy grooves of “Rocksteady Tango” and “Rise Up”.

So yes, not my usually indie rock/folk/electro-pop stuff, but good just the same. Sometimes it’s good to take a step back into the punk rock phase of your life (don’t be ashamed, don’t even try to be).

Check out their website for more of the ol’ info.

Kyle Johnson is a rock star.

Kyle Johnson is a rock star.

From the Intersection at Discover online:

Today begins a very important initiative called Silence Is The Enemy to help a generation of young women half a world away.Why? Because they are our sisters and children–the victims of sexual abuse who don’t have the means to ask for help.  We have power in our words and influence. Along with our audience, we’re able to speak for them.  I’m asking all of you–bloggers, writers, teachers, and concerned citizens–to use whatever platform you have to call for an end to the rape and abuse of women and girls in Liberia and around the world.

Speaks for itself. Read the whole thing.