To those few (hello!) followers of the blog, it has been apparent that my posting has been dropping off of late. Between an extremely busy period of time at work, an array of personal committments, and an imminent vacation to London and environs following shortly by a for-now permanent move to Chicago, 21dB has unfortunately been the least of my worries. I do intend to get back in the saddle soon after the move; however, I hope you will forgive a short, but at least official, hiatus from me*. I’m sure that Kyle will continue to fight the good fight in the interim. Also, once I’m back, I will be broadcasting LIVE from fabulous Chicago, bringing another wonderful city into the 21dB sphere of awesomocity.

*save one 52 in 52 update, which will be posted shortly.

Please let this robot represent my displeasure at this interruption:

See you soon!