Over the past weekend I was lucky enough to be invited to the screening of a brand spanking new film from Aaron Hendren (known to some as Aaron Fuckin’ Hendren) of Egg Murders Productions. The film is “Flicker” and I must say, it rocked my sox off.

I don’t usually go for horror (or more accurately horrorish) films, or thrillers, or just about anything that makes me incredibly uncomfortable. But Flicker made me incredibly uncomfortable and then some. It’s a fairly typical plot line, a group of friends go off into the woods, one couple goes missing, the other couple goes looking for them, everything goes wrong.

But for me, what really set Flicker apart was the utter reasonableness of it all. The villain’s are not particularly sinister– their actions, of course, are– but they go about everything with such a sense of drollery, and even indifference, that you find yourself believing the utterly unbelievable. So much so, I should say, that I found myself looking over my shoulder on my walk back to a friends house in Brookline– just about as far as one can get, unknowable danger wise, from the New Mexico wilderness.

There are a few moments where the film gets just a little too tongue-in-cheek (“I’m from Albuquerque, New Mexico!”), but overall, it holds onto you just long enough that the silliness that comes with the credits is a welcome respite (due in no small part to the extremely bizarre and bloodcurdling performances of Kevin R. Elder and Juli Hendren, let alone the heroine badassity of Katy Houska in the lead role).

Also, special props to the soundtrack, composed primarily by Jimmy Deveney (check his MySpace). It’s creepy, it’s moving, it’s everything I want to listen to when I’m stuck in the woods fearing for my life and searching for a cellphone signal.

And there’s one scene– let’s just say it involves hair and a lake– that may just be the single creepiest thing I have ever been forced to imagine. I had goosebumps so big you could have been playing whack-a-mole with them.

Check the Trailer, go see it (however you can manage it):