At long last, I have taken the big step of urban living, and bought a bicycle for myself. For so long I have depended solely on the MBTA for my transportation needs (because if you need to depend on something…) but now that I live more than a ten minute walk from Davis Square, I’ve made the big move.

And, most importantly, found a veritable treasure trove of vintage objects (aka antiques) in the process. Enter: Cambridge Antique Market. This place is ridiculous. They have multiple stories of jewelry, furniture, random items, and fun old things. Not to mention the basement, where in is housed Cambridge Used Bicycles.

Joyus Above-Ground-Transit Enjoying Fellows

Joyus Above-Ground-Transit Enjoying Fellows

If you (like me) spend a fair amount of time walking around Cambridge and Somerville, you have probably seen the gorgeous vintage bikes that these dudes chain up with little signs on them. Well the bicycles in store are just as fab as the advertisements would lead you to believe.

They have a fairly large, almost constantly rotating selection, so chances are if they don’t have anything for you when you go in, they will soon. It’s best to call ahead to check (as the Antique Market is not exactly the most accessible location for self-locomoters), but when I went in, they found a bicycle for me, and had it all fixed up and ready to roll out within a few hours.

Prices for most bicycles range between $150 and $250, and there’s no guarantee that you’ll find the right one for your fine self. But the staff is great– totally on top of their game and helpful, and will do their best to get you out the door on wheels. I also got some beautiful woodblock prints for about half of what the price was listed as, so definitely check out everything they’ve got anytime you stop by.

And now begins a new chapter in my life, a chapter where I will no longer be a sad, delayed and anxious subject of the MBTA’s whims!

…Until it snows. Eff.