Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009

2008 was a pretty crazy time, all things told. Here at 21dB headquarters we’ve seen some pretty big upheavals and changes, including Kyle making the leap to higher education and me making the leap to independent adult(ish)hood. The world saw a bunch of crazy shit. Economy crashed. Obama got elected. Ugly slouchy boots are back in. Etc.

So, let us (and VNV Nation, if you haven’t caught the reference) wish you the best for the coming year. If you could integrate robots in some manner, that would be best.

Me? I’m pretty hopeful. I mean, it couldn’t possible be WORSE, right?



Nathan and I are back in the Land of Enchantment celebrating the anniversary of the birth of Jesus Christ/the winter solstice/consumerism/snowmen(!), and of course doing so in as culturally unique a way as possible.

Exhibit 1:

Luminarias (for the Burquenos)/Faralitos (for the Santa Feans)

Luminarias (for the Burquenos)/Faralitos (for the Santa Feans)

Cuz nothing says Christmas quite like pouring sand into brown paper lunch sacks and nesting a tea candle in it.

Note: picture taken on Canyon Road in Santa Fe (though not by anyone I know [at least I don’t think so]), a road with a great many art galleries and other culturally significant shenanigans where our family goes and walks around every Christmas eve. It’s usually really, really cold– but man, are those Luminarias que fabulouso!

In any case, wishing you and yours a marvelous holiday season!

P.S.: A quick word from Sufjan,

(Seriously, give your poor grandmother a call, she’d love to hear from you. After all, it’s Christmas!)

We are both recovering from this years epic Thanksgiving, Kyle by committing some violence on scenery, I by channeling my lethargy into grad school personal statements. I am always struck by the slightly ridiculous nature of a specific day marked by the consumption of obscene amounts of food (a little wasteful, no?) – however, we are lucky enough to have a fairly tight-knit and loving family, and this was the first holiday in many, many years that our whole extended family was able to come together and share stories, quality time, games, and, of course, food.

We were out in a painfully quaint* part of Cape Cod near Orleans, which was calm and quiet and nautical. The food was all home-made and amazing, from Kyle’s mozzarella, shrimp and artichoke casserole to the amazing spread of antipasto to the sweet-potato rolls made by yours truly + SO, from our cousins seasonal fruit dressing to our grandmothers onion pie, from many different pies to rocking traditional green bean casserole, topped off (of course) by brined turkey in a bag. Holy crap.

We did manage to do some non-eating things. Many games of Ticket to Ride: Europe were played, as well as more wordy/partyish games. Many walks were taken. We also managed to get out to Provincetown to take advantage of the end-of-season sales, which were truly amazing. I picked up a fantastic enameled ring from Century, and Kyle did some scarf shopping at Marc by Marc Jacobs. Of course there’s a Marc Jacobs in P-town. Also, more good food.

Since the economy out there goes by the tourist season, everything is pretty much shut down from December through April – so going in November to do some quality shopping at deep discounts (50% in my case, and most stores were offering at least 10-30%) isn’t that bad of an idea for Boston locals.

Now I’m disappearing into application land for a bit. I hope that everyone managed to have a warm and happy Thanksgiving, and best of luck keeping sane through the next month!

*I’m a city boy at this point, sorry!