Infographics from a 1939 manual called “Graphic Presentation”. Check out the post at FlowingData; you can also download it in PDF from archive.org.

50 Vintage Advertisements from Wellmedicated. Nuff said. Check ’em out.

Check out it! A download/podcast of Kurt Vonnegut reading the entirety of Breakfast of Champions in 1970. How cool is that. From 92nd street Y online. For the record, this was the first Vonnegut I ever read, and it’s pretty dern sweet.

And, finally, I present to you a bearsharktopus* with laser eyes. Have a pleasant day!

*no idea where the original image came from, if someone wants to inform me I will happily link to it’s creator. But I did add the laser eyes.



Attention typography nerds and flash game aficiandos! Addictive, and frustrating, game at Veer: KERN IN SPACE. Don’t let anyone tell you kerning is easy. (via ilovetypography)

The Boston Public Library has posted an amazing collection of vintage travel posters to flickr. You can see a couple of my faves below. Radical. (via Design Observer)

Vintage Travel Poster

Vintage Travel Poster

Huge Train!

Huge Train!

A bizarre and engrossing animated stream-of-conciousness series of pencil drawings, ake The Drawing Archive. It’s about 5 minutes before it looks back to the beginning, and they are well worth it – some genuinely profound and pointed images, to my mind at least. (via Kempt)

Legos rule. In addition to Mechaton, you will probably be interested in the new LEGO Architecture series, wherein iconic and majestic buildings are given their own collectors-style treatment in the little bricks. Check it out at If It’s Hip, It’s Here (way more in-depth then my breif dispatch can entail).

Speaking of If It’s Hip, It’s Here, they also tipped me off to Winkler + Noah Photography, particularly The Puppet Show. Intriguing and disturbing portraits of children, given some treatment to turn them into dolls. I leave it up to the reader as to how they feel about the images themselves, but it’s certainly some cutting commentary on how children tend to be viewed in contemporary society. Sample:

One of many child/puppet portraits.

One of many child/puppet portraits.

Whew. Well, final dispatch is on a lighter note: the remix artist behind the Peaches/Muppets mashup I’ve previously posted has done a similar thing for academy-award winners Three Six Mafia/Alice in Wonderland. (via Boing Boing)



Oh my god Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus oh my god Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus oh my god.

This has been a public service announcement.

Need fresh kicks? Yoakustoms.com.

Hilarious video of Ricky Gervais and Elmo. Thanks facebook!

Design your own accessories for really reasonable prices at Leather Man Limited.

Check out this info on linking to a specific part of a youtube video:

If you want to link to a specific part of a video on YouTube, you can. For example,


Notice the ā€œ#t=31m08sā€ on the end of the url? That link will take you 31 minutes and 8 seconds into that video.

Which is awesome, cuz it lets me link to the best part of the David After Dentist video.

And finally, I present to you the Periodic Table of Typefaces.


Awesome. Click for the full image.

So there’s been this big storm that you may or may not be aware of. Out here in Boston, it wasn’t actually too bad, except for the bucketing rain that turned the fresh snow into inches and inches of mucky sleet, and then the freezing of that sleet overnight. This morning, I myself ate it on some black ice trying to get to work. But at least I’m not this poor guy (shown here in midswoop):

Check out the full sequence at Boston.com. Ouch.

I hope that the irony of that safety cone in the background isn’t lost, by the by.

(Thanks to Liz for the link!)

So I received this in the mail a couple months ago, and finally got around to scanning it for your viewing pleasure.

I can’t imagine an issues I care less about, and the amount of passion the author obviously has for this cracks my shit up.

First page of the diatribe.

First page of the diatribe.

I’m a little unsure what exactly the “wacko division” of the Las Vegas Mob has to do with anything – apparently, trying to get someone to go all Oswald on the president has a serious link to fixing sports games. But, OMG there’s POISONERS and CAR THEIVES! I’m glad it only took this guy 5 years to figure out that the mob employs undesireables.

Second page of the diatribe.

Second page of the diatribe.

So, um, really? It’s totally time to stop the mob. They have contacts at airports that will enable them to poison you better. Also, I love this metric for the cars of the CIA: white for good, black for evil, red for control, green for money, blue for sanity, and yellow for minor sin. Are the colors assigned according to what the CIA is investigating? Or to the nature of the operative? “Hey Chuck, I saw you leave the bar with that girl…looks like you’re in the Yellow car today!”

Third page of the diatribe.

Third page of the diatribe.

We absolutely should stock the gaming commission with ex-Navy SEALS. Why has no-one thought of this before?

So, in conclusion, sure, mob activity is not good and gambling fixing isn’t a great thing either. But, as someone who doesn’t gamble, go to Vegas or particularly care about the decisions that athletes make behind closed doors, I can’t really take this thing seriously. Not even factoring in the healthy dose of paranoia and just weirdness evident.

However, what a great idea for an Unknown Armies game!

Submitted without comment.

(from Failblog.org)

Thanks Caitlin!

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