Pretty simple. Both are about 4 minutes long and totally worth watching. They’re also both kind of about the impossibility of a robot really being human, though (ironically) Powerless has a happy ending, and REACH is really sad. Check ’em out.



(both via Webomator)


In honor of the anniversry of Mr. Nathan D. Paoletta’s nascence, I am proud to present a special all picture edition of Ten Things, featuring (what else) Robots.


1. Typewriter Robot


2. Handless Steam Robot


3. Sumo Robot


(Also known as Fat-Ninja-Bot)

4. Gargantuan Robot


5. Robo-Shark (Unstoppable? Luckily, no reckoreded live sightings. …yet…)


6. Deceivingly-Cute-Yet-Deadly-Bot


(The heart is a dirty bomb)

7. Hot-Bot (Aka the Metropolis Special)


8. Robot Squirrel

pirate-squirrel(I’m sorry, but if it has a hat and a sword, it’s a Robot. At the very least an android. Squirreldroid? FEAR HIM)

9. Downfall-of-the-Human-Race-Bot


10. Too-Cute-Bot


To those few (hello!) followers of the blog, it has been apparent that my posting has been dropping off of late. Between an extremely busy period of time at work, an array of personal committments, and an imminent vacation to London and environs following shortly by a for-now permanent move to Chicago, 21dB has unfortunately been the least of my worries. I do intend to get back in the saddle soon after the move; however, I hope you will forgive a short, but at least official, hiatus from me*. I’m sure that Kyle will continue to fight the good fight in the interim. Also, once I’m back, I will be broadcasting LIVE from fabulous Chicago, bringing another wonderful city into the 21dB sphere of awesomocity.

*save one 52 in 52 update, which will be posted shortly.

Please let this robot represent my displeasure at this interruption:

See you soon!

Shockingly enough, I’m still behind, but I haven’t quite fallen beyond my 4-weeks-and-out deadline. This marks Week 18, and I have watched 15 films. Can I pull myself out of this hole? Only one way to find out….


Week 12: Rear Window. The Hitchcock classic is classic for a reason – it’s really, really freaking good. I’ve seen scenes from it in film classes, but finally rented it, and wow. I think North by Northwest is still my favorite Hitchcock, but Rear Window is up there. The treatment of paranoia, loneliness and just the urgent need to take action is both subtly powerful and extremely applicable to today’s society, and the treatment of gender roles and the reversal of the typical 50’s gendered dynamic is both surprising (coming from Hitchcock, one of the more…paternalistic directors ever to get behind a camera) and deftly handled. Overall, really a great piece of film, in case you didn’t know.

Week 13: The Hunger. Vampire movie? David Bowie? Susan Serandon? Freaking BAUHAUS?!?!? This movie was made for me!

Boy, was I wrong.

And not only is that the worst cutting of Bela Lugosi’s Dead I’ve ever heard, that is legitimately the BEST part of the movie. Seriously, it’s all downhill from there. It’s not even worth going into a plot summary. Just….don’t see it. Ever.

Week 14: Terminator 2: Judgment Day. I saw this back in the day, I was probably 12, but I really didn’t actually remember it at all. I own it, because I saw it for $7 at Target and figured that it would be worth having. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you I was right! What an iconic and great action movie. The ending fight is, I think, a little unnecessarily long, but that’s pretty much the only problem I have. Robots are, after all, wicked cool. If you’re interested in the franchise, there’s actually a really solid article from a recent Wired talking about it, check it out!

Week 15: The Great Escape. The original, mind you! Like The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, I watched this a couple of years ago for the first time, and in another intriguing parallel, I again did not remember how freaking long this movie is. Damn. But, again, totally worth it. A brilliant ensemble cast (including Steve McQueen! He’s so dreamy!), great pacing, genuine tension throughout the film, and a really powerful ending sequence (including Steve McQueen riding across all of Europe on a motorcycle while being pursued by Nazi’s). Most excellent. A great lazy-afternoon-with-nothing-to-do movie..

Ah, the rankings, as of 5/3/2009. If I manage to watch 2 movies a week for the next month, I will get back from the brink of failure…

New Releases

  1. Milk (Week 1)
  2. Watchmen (Week 11)
  3. Gran Torino (Week 2)
  4. Push (Week 10)

New To Me!

  1. Rear Window (Week 12)
  2. The Exorcist (Directors Cut) (Week 7)
  3. Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind (Week 8 )
  4. Hellboy (Week 3)
  5. Serenity (Week 5)
  6. Formula 51 (Week 6)
  7. The Hunger (Week 13)

Old Favorites

  1. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly (Week 9) tied w/The Great Escape (Week 15) – Don’t make me choose!
  2. Hook (Week 4)
  3. Terminator 2: Judgment Day (Week 14)
Happy New Year 2009

Happy New Year 2009

2008 was a pretty crazy time, all things told. Here at 21dB headquarters we’ve seen some pretty big upheavals and changes, including Kyle making the leap to higher education and me making the leap to independent adult(ish)hood. The world saw a bunch of crazy shit. Economy crashed. Obama got elected. Ugly slouchy boots are back in. Etc.

So, let us (and VNV Nation, if you haven’t caught the reference) wish you the best for the coming year. If you could integrate robots in some manner, that would be best.

Me? I’m pretty hopeful. I mean, it couldn’t possible be WORSE, right?