Ten Things


1. Getting my socks blown off by Yjastros, the Albuquerque-based, internationally acclaimed (and preemenent in America) Flamenco Repertory Company.

Dancing so fierce you'll dream of tigers and pumas.

Dancing so fierce you'll dream of tigers and pumas.

Seriousy, if you ever get the chance to see their artisitc director, Joaquin Encinias, dance, take it. He will mesmerize and enthrall you. And the rest of them won’t exactly fall down on the job, either.

2. Drinking coffee

This is a picture of the interior of my chest.

This is a picture of the interior of my chest.

Dear Satellite and Winnings Coffee Company: You are both welcome for your respective profit margins. It was my pleasure.

3. Going to Austin, TX.

I have no idea who these Hipsters are, but they fairly accuratly depict my feelings about Austin.

I have no idea who these Hipsters are, but they fairly accuratly depict my feelings about Austin.

Highlights include The LBJ Presidential Library and Museum and Redbud Lake.

Lowlights (blacklights?) include Lone Star Beer and The Sun.

4. Doing a lot of Vintage Shopping in Austin, TX.

Me, in my new Vintage Texan duds

Me, in my new Vintage Texan duds

If you go, definetly check out New Bohemia (and adjacent New Brohemia) in the fashionable South Congress neighborhood (also known as SoCo if you’re an alcoholic [read: Texan]), as well as Cream Vintage on Guadalupe St. boarding the Campus of the University of Texas (I am told this stretch of Guadalupe St. is known as “The Drag” by fashionable “Longhorn” students and “Locals”. For what it’s worth, I think “The Drag” is a really poor choice of title for any part of a city that is supposed to have fun things to do on it).

Both establishments (as well as their many fellows) are surprisingly affordable with a smashing selection. Very cool stuff.

5. Being surprised by the existance of something cool in Texas outside of Austin (in Amarillo, of all places).

The 806

The 806

The 806 is, from what I can tell, the only coffee shop/vegetarian eatery in the city of Amarillo. They have really quite fantastic coffee as well as incredibly tolerable food, though my nachos did take about 19 hours to cook. The only knock against this place, really, is that you have to pay for water (sort of understandable, given what West Texas looks like). But overall, a definite gem in the rough. They even have art! On the walls! In West Texas!

6. Not being in Texas.

Overall, I think a positive choice given the alternative.

7.  Watching a lot of Harvey Birdman

Harvey Birdman, in a moment of agony.

Harvey Birdman, in a moment of agony.

Best program on Adult Swim ever. Bar none.

(Except for Cowboy Bebop, of course. Also, Metalocalypse is a close second. A very, very close second.)

[Squidbillies is terrible.]

8. Reading a biography of the 32nd American President.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Nations first "Balla-dent"

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the Nations first "Balla-dent"

I continue to chug along of Conrad Black’s exceptional and truly epic Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Champion of Freedom. Weighing in at over 1100 pages, this tomb is one of the most incisive, wide-ranging, detailed and thought provoking Historical works I have ever read. Not only does it provide a vivid portrait of the man himself (both laudatory and critical, in turn), but also the unprecedented events he presided over and confronted, and descriptions of just about every human being ever involved in those events. Fantastic, fantastic stuff.

9. Seeing world renowned improv and sketch comedy in Albuquerque

The Pajama Men

The Pajama Men

The Pajama Men (Shenoah Allen and Mark Chavez) have received plaudits from such diverse sources as The Chicago Tribune, The Albuquerque Alibi, The Scotsman (of Edinburgh), and The London Times and awards from just about every fringe festival worth mentioning in the UK, Canada and Australia. And they’re currently premiering a new show, in Albuquerque, at the Q-Staff Theater. Oh, and it’s freaking hilarious.

Check these guys out, they’re gonna be superstars.

10. Watching a lot of Baseball

"Awww, Snap!"

"Awww, Snap!"

Let’s go Red Sox, let’s go.

(I lead a successful life.)


In honor of the anniversry of Mr. Nathan D. Paoletta’s nascence, I am proud to present a special all picture edition of Ten Things, featuring (what else) Robots.


1. Typewriter Robot


2. Handless Steam Robot


3. Sumo Robot


(Also known as Fat-Ninja-Bot)

4. Gargantuan Robot


5. Robo-Shark (Unstoppable? Luckily, no reckoreded live sightings. …yet…)


6. Deceivingly-Cute-Yet-Deadly-Bot


(The heart is a dirty bomb)

7. Hot-Bot (Aka the Metropolis Special)


8. Robot Squirrel

pirate-squirrel(I’m sorry, but if it has a hat and a sword, it’s a Robot. At the very least an android. Squirreldroid? FEAR HIM)

9. Downfall-of-the-Human-Race-Bot


10. Too-Cute-Bot



1. Star Trek: The Future Begins (“Star Trek”, Malaysian Release)

2. Terminator Salvation: The Future Begins (“Terminator Salvation”, Working Title)

3. Batman: Intimidation (“Batman Begins”, Original Script Title)

4. Spider-Man: No More (“Spider-man 2, Working Title)

5. Not Another Scary Epic Teen Date Movie (“Meet the Spartans”, Working Title)

6. Scream Again (“Scream 2”, Working Title)

7. Scream Louder (“Scream 2”, Working Title)

8. Scream 3: Ghostface Killer (“Scream 3”, Working Title)

9. The Adventures of Luke Starkiller as Taken from the “Journal of the Whills”: Saga I – Star Wars (“Star Wars”, Working Title)

10. Transformers the Movie: Apocalypse! Matrix Forever (“The Transformers: The Movie” [1986], Japanese Working Title)


1. Take Me Out (Modern-Makes-My-Ass-Want-to-Move-Classic).

2. Auf Achse (I love Scots that speak Deutsch).

3. You know what? Just all of their self titled.

4. Ulysses.

5. Everything about Alex Kapranos.

6.The last two minutes of Lucid Dreams (Uhm, trip-hop break down?).

7. This:

8. The all around “Fuck You” to everyone who thinks they know what kind of band Franz is that constitutes all of Tonight: Franz Ferdinand.

9. The fact that all of these descriptions constitute their genre on wikipedia: Dance-punk, Indie Rock, Post-punk Revival, Art Rock and New Wave.

10. They’re just so darn Scottish.


1. “Antiquarians say we are, — and — and we have an old seal, and a very old silver spoon, round in the bowl, like a little laddle, with a rambling lion on the handle, and a castle over him.”

2. Moreover, her affection iself was less fire then radience, and, with regard to the other sex, when he ceased to belive he ceased to follow: contrasting in this with many impressionable natures, who remain senuously infatuated with what they intellectually despise.

3. Left to his own reflections, Abraham soon grew drowsy.

4. They followed the road with a knowledge that they were soaring along in a supporting medium, possessed of original and profound thoughts, themselves and surrounding nature forming an organism of which all the parts harmoniously and jotusly interpenetrated each other.

5. The wheat-rick shrank lower, and the straw-rick grew higher, and the corn-stacks were carted away.

6. “…But you can raise up dreams with your music, and drive all such horrid fancies away!”

7. The struggles and wrangles of the lads for her hand in a jig were an excitement to her no more; and when they became fierce she rebuked them.

8. There are counterpoises and compensations in life; and the event which had made of her a social warning had also for the moment made her the most interesting personage in the village to many.

9. “O-O-O!”

10. Izz spoke with a magnanimous abandonment of herself to the situation; she could not be — no women with a hear bigger than a hazel-nut could be — antagonistic to Tess in her presence, the influence which she exercised over those of ehr own sex being of a warmth and strength quite unusual, curiously overpowering the less worthy feminine feelings of spite and rivalry.

So, I am instituting a new tradition here at 21dB: Ten Things. Every week, I will compile a list (in no particular order) of ten things. Those ten things will all revolve around a common theme, that will change based on… well, whatever I feel like. This week: ten electronic songs on my “Recently Added” playlist.


1. Pop Song – Starfucker

2. You Hear Colors – CFCF

3. So Bored (Wavves Cover) – Anamanaguchi

4. Let’s Get Ravey (Skream’s Remix) – Odawas

5. Please Don’t Touch (The Golden Filter Dub Mix) – Polly Scattergood

6. Dude You Feel Electrical – Shout Out Out Out Out

7. 6669 (I Don’t Know if You Know) – Neon Indian

8. Weak 4 Me – Nite Jewel

9. Blissout – Lemonade

10. Mr. No (Phaseone Remix) – Banjo or Freakout