So, last night, I decided I needed a ridiculous winter hat. Emphasis on the ridiculous; I wanted pom-poms, vibrant colours, the kind of hat that makes a statement along the lines of “It’s too freaking cold for me to care what I look like”. And Hootenany in Harvard Square just happened to be perfect place to find one.

Hootenany is located in “the Garage” off the Square (and apparently owned by Newbury Comics), and happens to sell some of the funkiest, hippterish, quasi-punkish clothing around. It’s kind of like Hot Topic, if Hot Topic had a modicum of class and didn’t make me want to take a rusty meat cleaver to my digits (ironically enough, I’m pretty sure Hot Topic sells a shirt that says something along those lines…)

Anyway, heres the deal. If your looking for a cool t-shirt, some red plaid pants, or pretty much any style of Levi’s Jean ever made, this is the place to go. That is, if your willing to dig into your wallet. The clothing is awesome, but these are definitely not thrift store prices.

The accessories are a bit more affordable ( I managed to find a rad hat for only $14.00), and there is definitely a wide selection. Basically, if you know what you want, and you want something weird, this is the place to go.

For more check out the yelp or the store’s website.